Project Management

Masharii Project Management provides all over the region a professional consultancy service based on what we believe are the fundamental criteria for the successful delivery of every commission we undertake.

Our approach to every project is essentially very simple. We take responsibility for its success.

We will work in partnership with you and other team members from the outset to assess the viability of the project, address the risks, establish clear objectives and devise the right strategy for achieving them.

Once a comprehensive brief has been agreed, we will provide all the human and technical resources required to carry it through to a successful conclusion.

Our project managers have the technical skills, practical experience and commercial awareness to ensure that every Client receives the highest standards of service. Projects frequently require the assembly and integration of many different skills. Our project managers are experienced team players, but they are also capable of providing the leadership that produces the most co-ordinated and effective solutions.

Executive Project Management

As leaders of the project team we take responsibility for advising on the overall project strategy, selecting designers and contractors, and managing them in the successful delivery of your project. All the project agreements and appointments are made directly with you.

Turnkey Project Management

In terms of the day to day management of your project, this approach is very similar to Executive Project Management. ln this case, however, we are also responsible for employing the designers as our sub -consultants and for the marketing and sales of the Project.

Project Appraisal/Development Monitoring

As a stakeholder in a project, you may be seeking to obtain clear and concise independent advice on the project’s ability to achieve your objectives. Our structured reviews and constructive feedback mill provide appropriate advice to ensure that your interests are protected.

Program Management

Our expertise in program management provides the link between our clients’ business strategies and their objectives. Through an integrated approach to change management, me can identify the key dependencies between projects, and implement an appropriate system for overall monitoring and control. The value analysis of individual projects then provides accountability, ensures there is no ambiguity, and prioritizes the allocation of resources to support the overall business plan.